Albert is a financial advisory platform allowing users to track their finances and improve their financial health through practical, actionable recommendations.


Albert is a new type of financial service that uses powerful technology to automate your finances, with a team of human experts to guide users.


Older generations have traditionally visited a financial advisor in person, but that world has changed. Digital natives don’t want to sit in front of a person anymore, and the emerging need to manage day-to-day finances remotely means consumers of all ages need a new digital approach. 


Albert recreates the in-person financial advising experience for people – especially those in their 20s to 40s –  on their smartphones. 

  • The average user comes to Albert with a median income of $40,000 and minimal savings. 
  • The app helps them focus and stay organized about different aspects of their financial health, from paying off debt to finding the right types of insurance. 
  • The technology brings together a user’s financial data in one place so they can manage bank accounts, credit cards, loans, and investments at the same time.  


47% of American families can’t afford a surprise $400 expense. Albert believes fair access to financial advice can change that.

What They Do

Actionable financial advice on your phone

Team Members

Yinon Ravid
Yinon Ravid
CEO and Co-Founder
Andrzej Baraniak
Andrzej Baraniak
COO and Co-Founder




Los Angeles, CA



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