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Alice is software for employers that allows employees to automate pre-tax spending.


Alice is a platform for employers that allows employees to automate pre-tax spending on things they already buy, like commuting, childcare, and healthcare expenses.


The inability to take advantage of pre-tax spending takes $200 million a year from poor communities, meaning long-term, low-wage earners end up paying more for eligible expenses.


Alice enables employees to link safely to their credit or debit account so that the software can automatically flag expenses that qualify for pre-tax income. Alice is then able to: 

  • Process and apply this spending information to shield employees’ income from payroll and income taxes, resulting in more take-home pay. 
  • Enable users to choose what they want to do with this new extra income – apply it toward savings, use it toward credit card debt, or keep it in their take-home paycheck total. 


Complicated paperwork and confusion makes accessing pre-tax spending benefits much harder for people who could benefit the most from it. Alice believes pre-tax spending can be as simple as sending a text message.

What They Do

Automated pre-tax benefits

Team Members

Avi Karnani
Avi Karnani
Co-Founder, CEO
Paul Barnes-Hoggett
Paul Barnes-Hoggett
Co-Founder, CTO




New York, NY



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