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Blueprint Income

Blueprint Income was established to create a new way for consumers to ensure they have a reliable and steady personal pension.


Blueprint Income provides a fixed income stream for retirement through a personal pension. 


With the days of company-sponsored pensions long gone, employees’ retirement options are often limited to assuming the risk of a 401(k) or shelling out the enormous upfront costs required of an annuity.


Blueprint Income enables consumers to pay for a guaranteed pension through smaller payments over time. 

  • Consumers are offered personal pension plans backed by insurance companies, rather than employers. 
  • Users make an average initial contribution of $6,900 per policy and an average monthly recurring contribution of $410 for the company’s guaranteed retirement income product.
  • Consumers can ask questions through a mobile-friendly app.


Retirement shouldn’t be a luxury. It should be accessible to everyone, no matter their income. Blueprint Income is modernizing the insurance industry to offer retirement options to everyone.

What They Do

Blueprint Income is creating the future pension – a simple, pre-determined income stream backed by insurance companies.

Team Members

Matt Carey
Matt Carey
Founder & CEO
Lauren Minches
Lauren Minches
Head of Business Development




New York, NY



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