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Daylight offers the first and only digital banking platform customized to the needs of LGBT+ people as they plan for key life events, such as gender transitions, family planning, or buying a home.


Daylight was designed by LGBT+ people to provide a welcoming, inclusive, and sensitive digital banking experience for members of their community, including trans and nonbinary individuals.   


The U.S. LGBT+ population includes both unserved and underserved individuals facing unique financial situations. For example, trans and nonbinary people may experience an invasion of privacy or have difficulty proving their identity at traditional financial institutions. Trans individuals may also face challenges financing gender reassignment surgery. 


Daylight enables LGBT+ individuals to access digital banking and participate in financial planning that goes beyond “LGBT-friendly” to connect deeply with their life experiences, which could include gender transitions, family planning, or buying a home. Daylight’s ‘Know Your Customer’ system is sensitive to users’ identities, avoiding potentially triggering events, such as deadnaming. Customers receive a debit card with their chosen name, regardless of the name on their legal ID.


The platform focuses on low- and moderate-income LGBT+ individuals, helping them plan their financial future in an empathetic environment.

What They Do

Provide a digital banking platform customized for LGBT+ people

Fintech Focus

Personal Finance

Team Members

Rob Curtis
Rob Curtis
CEO and Co-Founder
Billie Simmons
Billie Simmons
Chief of Staff and Co-Founder




New York, NY



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