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EarnUp is a consumer-first platform that intelligently automates loan payments and identifies earning opportunities while helping consumers save funds when possible.


EarnUp is an intelligent debt payment automation platform that optimizes for fast debt repayment while helping consumers save funds, when possible. 


200 million Americans – a whopping 80% – have outstanding loans that total $12 trillion collectively. Those most vulnerable to growing debt are consumers who come from marginalized and low-income communities, where not making a payment can have catastrophic consequences.


EarnUp allows an individual to manage all their loans in a single place and syncs their payments directly with their income schedule, so they don’t have to worry about budgeting to make their monthly payment.

  • 30% of EarnUp users report fewer missed payments since using the platform.
  • 80% of users report that EarnUp has allowed them to automate their loan payments for the first time.
  • EarnUp reduces the average loan term by an estimated 4.6 years, saving customers more than $300 million in total.


Multiple sources of debt can be hard to manage, resulting in missed payments and extra interest. EarnUp believes in automating and simplifying debt management to put the consumer in control.

What They Do

Intelligent Loan Payment Automation

Fintech Focus


Team Members

Matthew Cooper
Matthew Cooper
Co-CEO and Co-Founder
Nadim Homsany
Nadim Homsany
Co-CEO and Co-Founder




San Francisco, CA



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