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EverSafe monitors seniors’ bank and investment accounts, credit cards and credit reports — serving as an extra set of eyes to detect fraud, scams, and identity theft.


EverSafe is a web application that monitors seniors’ financial accounts, credit reports, and other data sources for fraud, identity theft, and age-related issues. 


According to AARP, 45 million Americans serve as caregivers for older relatives, and nearly 18.5 million of them also provide financial caregiving. But keeping an eye on a loved one’s finances can be tricky. What if there was a way for the elderly (and their caregivers) to protect their life savings in the same way they safeguard their homes, cars, and personal property?


EverSafe is a machine learning system that uses algorithms to detect and monitor financial activity, then identifies erratic behavior based on historical spending patterns. 

  • When EverSafe detects abnormalities – like missing deposits, changes in spending, unusual investment activity, or unauthorized account openings – the app alerts the member, as well as their designated trusted advocate. 
  • EverSafe assesses a member’s historical financial activity when they enroll to establish a personal profile.
  • Financial transactions (bank, investment, credit card, and credit report data) are analyzed on a daily basis. 
  • The app also addresses the user’s financial health to help them plan and ensure that they don’t outlive their savings.


According to AARP data, the average fraud victim loses $120,000. EverSafe believes it can preserve and improve the financial health of the elderly by automating alerts on fraud and suspicious behavior.

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Monitors seniors' bank and investment accounts, credit cards and credit reports

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Howard Tischler
Howard Tischler
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