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Everyday Life

Everyday Life is a life insurance platform for people who want to be smart with their money and protect their family. Clients save money, time and hassle with expert advice and personalized plans.


Everyday Life removes barriers to buying life insurance, including high premiums, complicated products, and opaque underwriting, enabling more people to protect their families with life insurance coverage.


Life insurance is out of reach for many families due to cost, complexity, and lack of trustworthy support. Employers are cutting back on benefits and traditional agents are focused on wealthier people, leaving most American families under-protected.


Everyday Life makes it easy for families to obtain objective expert advice tailored to them and to conveniently purchase affordable coverage designed around their specific needs. Everyday Life’s proprietary technology saves people money by matching their coverage to their needs and automatically adjusting as needs change over time. Their offering saves people time and hassle by connecting them with insurance companies whose underwriting criteria fit with the individual’s risk profile (health, lifestyle, etc.).


The economic crisis arising from the COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately affected certain populations, including women. To reduce expenses, hard-hit populations may have canceled their life insurance policies or delayed purchasing life insurance. Everyday Life makes buying life insurance simpler and more affordable for these groups by making sure they are applying to insurance companies where they are likely to be approved at the quoted price, and ultimately paying only for what they need.

What They Do

Advises consumers on optimizing their use of life insurance and helps them implement the advice as a licensed insurance broker.

Fintech Focus


Team Members

Jake Tamarkin
Jake Tamarkin
CEO and Co-Founder
Dipali Trivedi
Dipali Trivedi
Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder




Boston, MA



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