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finEQUITY is a nonprofit that helps build credit profiles for individuals reentering society after being incarcerated.


finEQUITY is a nonprofit that helps those who have been impacted by long-term incarceration, mass incarceration, and financial exclusion build their credit profiles as part of their reentry journey.


Families impacted by incarceration are exposed to an elevated and more acute form of financial exclusion and financial hardship. Incarceration both directly and indirectly contributes to higher debts as well as tarnished and/or total lack of access to credit. Unable to pass credit checks, these families face great difficulties finding pathways to basic life-building assets and services.


finEQUITY has launched products to build a bridge to financial dignity after incarceration:

  • A free credit reputation tool that provides individuals with a safe and quick avenue to access their credit report.
  • An in-prison education program that prepares incarcerated community members to navigate credit barriers and establish credit history.
  • A credit-building microloan program.

Financial Health Focus

finEQUITY seeks to build tools and services to further a prison-to-prosperity pipeline, making sure that financial exclusion ceases to be a hurdle for reentering citizens in the U.S.

What They Do

Provide tools and services to help individuals reentering society after incarceration build credit profiles

Fintech Focus


Team Members

Briane Cornish
Briane Cornish
Founder and Executive Director




Brooklyn, NY



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