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Leap Fund

Leap Fund is a nonprofit that helps Americans navigate benefits cliffs, a situation where earning a dollar or two more an hour may result in losing public benefits worth more than the income increase.


Leap Fund is a nonprofit that helps workers accept increased wages or hours without worrying about the potential tradeoff of an impending cut-off of public benefits, such as nutrition assistance or childcare subsidies, which may be worth more than the income increase.


Low- to moderate-income workers who rely on public benefits risk losing their benefits, which can be worth much more than what they receive in a pay raise or by working more hours. For many workers, the additional income that pushes them over the benefits cliff is not enough for them to afford necessities they were previously able to afford through benefits, putting them at risk for dire situations, such as homelessness or bankruptcy.


Leap Fund created a calculator to identify when workers are approaching a benefits cliff so that they can make key decisions regarding employment changes. Leap Fund also provides an employer-based financial solution to help workers get over the benefits cliffs and on the path to financial independence.


Reaching a benefits cliff can worsen an individual’s financial health and limit career growth. Leap Fund enables workers to assess if they have a benefits cliff in their future, and, if so, safely and legally accept promotions and raises while retaining benefits, to actually surpass both their cliff and their need for public benefits altogether.

What They Do

Help workers identify, bridge, and eliminate benefits cliffs to achieve financial independence

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Personal Finance

Team Members

Karen Schoellkopf
Karen Schoellkopf
Founder, CEO
 Eric Skiff
Eric Skiff
CTO, Advisor
Shoshana Marder
Shoshana Marder
Program Manager




New York, NY



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