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Let’s Get Set

Let’s Get Set empowers hardworking families to secure and deploy their maximum tax benefits and create a path to enhanced financial stability.


Let’s Get Set is building a financial platform that offers tailored resources, products, and support to guide households on pathways to financial stability.


Every year $12 billion in tax credits go unclaimed, and the IRS designates new parents as a core group at risk of missing these credits. Families leave tax credits unclaimed each year because they either do not file or make mistakes when they do. Unfortunately, research shows that increasing awareness alone is insufficient for getting families to file; instead, awareness must be coupled with tools for taking action, built to empower families in their context.


Let’s Get Set offers personalized financial education and digital tools – including a web app and text line – to new parents making less than $40,000 so they can take maximum advantage of tax credits available to them.

Financial Health Focus

Low-income families already face many financial challenges; a new addition to the family adds even more complexity. Let’s Get Set helps new parents take advantage of resources that support better short- and long-term financial planning.

What They Do

Help new parents claim their piece of the $12 billion in tax credits that go unclaimed each year, and then use it to reach a savings goal

Fintech Focus

Personal Finance

Team Members

Clare Herceg
Clare Herceg
Founder and CEO




San Francisco, CA



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