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Nova Credit

Nova Credit provides a credit scoring solution that facilitates immigrants’ access to financial services and credit without having a U.S.-based credit history.


Nova Credit allows individuals to apply for U.S. credit cards, apartment rentals, loans, and more using their international credit history. 


All newcomers to the U.S. are rendered “credit invisible” upon arrival because American underwriters can’t access international credit data. Even if they have a good credit rating in their prior home countries, recent immigrants often struggle to accomplish the most basic tasks, such as getting an apartment lease, a cell phone plan, a credit card, or student loans.


Nova Credit helps newcomers and other global citizens apply for financial services using their credit history from other countries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Mexico, Nigeria, South Korea, and the United Kingdom. Nova Credit then translates international credit data into a U.S.-equivalent score and reports it in a format familiar to American underwriters, who use it to evaluate applications for credit products.


With no existing agency able to translate credit history from other countries to U.S. lenders and financial institutions in a meaningful way, millions of immigrants face financial barriers that only further complicate their lives in a new country. A lack of a domestic credit history keeps millions of immigrants in the United States from realizing their dreams.


What They Do

Nova has created the world’s first cross-border credit reporting agency by building data partnerships across the globe.

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Team Members

Misha Esipov
Misha Esipov
Co-Founder & CEO
Nicky Goulimis
Nicky Goulimis
Co-Founder & COO




San Francisco, CA



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