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Onward is a nonprofit employer-sponsored mobile savings and credit app that enables workers of all income levels to build financial security.


Onward, a nonprofit, was founded on the principle that no family should be destabilized because of a $400 expense. The organization was born after founder Ronnie Washington witnessed the impact such a small expense could have. His own relative turned to a high-cost payday lender after a car issue threatened their ability to get to work. After this experience, Ronnie realized that workers across the country were too often one paycheck away from ruin.


Nearly two-thirds of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings. These include working individuals who, despite all their efforts to save or plan, have a financial shock like a car issue or unexpected bill destabilize their lives. Onward believes that people need better options to deal with emergencies other than high- interest credit cards, payday loans, and even car title lending  from vendors who often make money when workers slip up or miss payments.


Onward provides an employer-based mobile savings and credit app that enables workers to save effortlessly, build financial knowledge, and access responsible credit when emergencies strike.


Onward’s mission is to provide every worker – many of whom are low- to moderate-income – with the tools to build a financial cushion. The combination of an emergency savings account, bite-sized financial education, and low-interest emergency loans makes it possible for users to break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle.

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Savings and Credit Platform for Employees

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Ronnie Washington
Ronnie Washington




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