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Pie for Providers

Pie for Providers is a nonprofit that streamlines and automates government funding for child care providers, increasing providers’ incomes and helping families access affordable care.


Pie for Providers is a nonprofit that supports small child care providers and the families who rely on them by helping providers claim the government funding for which they are already eligible.


Child care providers earn poverty wages, while most families cannot access affordable, quality care. Meanwhile, because available government funding for eligible providers goes unclaimed, 85% of children who would benefit from subsidies end up missing out. This means families struggle to afford care, and child care providers – often small, women-owned businesses – do not get paid for their work. The current public health crisis threatens to wipe out more than 30% of child care businesses, making the child care crisis even more urgent. 


Pie for Providers is building a Rails and React app to help child care providers claim and manage their government subsidy funding.

Financial Health Focus

Both care providers and families hurt by the child care crisis are likely to be low-income women, families of color, and people living in rural areas. Pie for Providers enables those on both sides to receive fuller support through available government benefits.

What They Do

Use technology to streamline and automate child care subsidy management

Fintech Focus


Team Members

Chelsea Sprayregen
Chelsea Sprayregen
Co-Founder and CEO
Kate Donaldson
Kate Donaldson
Co-Founder and CTO
Rebecca Karasik
Rebecca Karasik
Co-Founder and CPO




Chicago, IL



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