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Scratch is a modern-day loan servicer that delivers a borrower-first experience by leveraging technology to significantly improve consumers’ ability to understand, manage, and repay their loans.


Scratch is reimagining loan servicing to help borrowers understand, manage, and pay back their loans. 


While the process of taking out a loan has been vastly improved, the experience of paying back a loan remains arcane and challenging for users.


With the Scratch platform, borrowers have visibility and control over their debt with just a few clicks. Borrowers turn to Scratch’s team of Loan Guides for empathetic problem-solving and personalized guidance on how to make their loans work with their lives.

Lenders who partner with Scratch as their loan servicer are able to grow their businesses in innovative ways. Scratch can service any asset class – including private student loans, personal loans, mortgages, and small business loans – and provide any custom feature to meet borrowers’ needs.


Financial empowerment is core to everything Scratch does. The organization partners with companies, industry groups, and regulators to drive a more consumer-friendly financial ecosystem.

What They Do

Modern-Day Loan Servicer

Fintech Focus

Personal Finance

Team Members

Sameh Elamawy
Sameh Elamawy
Founder & CEO




San Francisco, CA



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