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Sigo enables Latinx, immigrant, and working-class populations to purchase affordable auto insurance via a bilingual mobile platform.


Sigo customizes the auto insurance purchasing experience to the needs of low-income people and Latinx customers who speak primarily or only Spanish.


Spanish-speaking immigrants and working-class populations are at risk from predatory auto insurance providers due to language barriers and credit score, employment status, or education. Without auto insurance, these individuals could struggle to maintain employment, putting them and their families at risk for eviction or foreclosure.   


Sigo enables customers to fully understand the auto insurance process by allowing them to choose Spanish or English within the mobile app. The platform’s underwriting process avoids lender biases and broker fees to provide affordable options for basic and advanced coverage.


Working-class populations, including immigrants and other Latinx people, are often subject to high auto insurance costs. Sigo eliminates initial surcharges, policy renewal fees, policy change fees, and payment surcharges associated with traditional brokers so that customers can afford coverage.

What They Do

Provide a bilingual mobile app where Spanish-speaking customers can purchase auto insurance in their language

Fintech Focus


Team Members

Nestor Solari
Nestor Solari
CEO and Co-Founder
Júlio Erdos
Júlio Erdos
Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder
Ivan Arambula
VP of Engineering and Co-founder
Randel Bennett
VP of Insurance and Co-founder




Jersey City, NJ



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