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Summer helps student loan borrowers save on their loans by identifying and enrolling users in the best repayment and forgiveness programs.


Summer’s platform helps users navigate the web of student loan repayment and forgiveness options, surfacing the optimal plan based on each user’s unique financial situation.



With 12 different federal student loans types, 10 different student loan servicers and over 100 federal and state programs, student loan borrowers can find themselves paralyzed by a lack of information and the complexity of the enrollment process. 



Summer’s online platform integrates a users’ student loans in one place to: 

  • Identify eligibility for federal and state repayment and forgiveness programs
  • Compare available options to a user’s current repayment plan
  • Seamlessly enroll users in a desired repayment plan
  • Remind users when they need to recertify for programs
  • For those that can afford or have the credit score to refinance, they are directed to a refinance marketplace based on the information provided to Summer


In response to the coronavirus pandemic

Summer updated its product to account for the large number of borrowers who are now collecting unemployment, and provided clear messaging throughout the product to ensure borrowers understand their new options under the CARES Act. Summer also launched programs in several states where Summer is provided at no charge to residents who have filed for unemployment. In addition, Summer announced that it is teaming up with Steady to introduce student loan financial assistance to the millions of hourly and gig workers on Steady’s platform.



Outstanding education debt has outpaced credit card and auto debt over the last decade, with the average college student graduating with $30,000 in loans. Summer is helping graduates navigate the complicated student loan landscape to find better repayment options for each borrower’s unique situation. 

What They Do

Student loan repayment and forgiveness

Fintech Focus

Personal Finance

Team Members

Will Sealy
Will Sealy
CEO and Co-Founder
Vincent Tran
Vincent Tran
Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder
Paul Joo
Paul Joo
COO and Co-Founder




New York, NY



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