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Sunny Day Fund

Sunny Day Fund partners with employers to provide their employees an easy, accessible, and rewarding path to save for emergencies and future life events.


Sunny Day Fund enables employers to equip their employees with savings for immediate and future financial needs while protecting their future retirement.


Many working Americans are unable to afford a $400 emergency expense or even save for near-term goals, which directly weakens employers’ ability to maintain a predictable, productive, and healthy workforce. Yet the primary tools at employers’ disposal are restricted to retirement and health savings accounts.


Sunny Day Fund’s platform allows employers to provide customized employee rewards for building emergency and goals-based savings, integrating directly with payroll and human capital management (HCM) tools as well as banking platforms.

Financial Health Focus

Data show that while Black and Latinx populations take advantage of retirement savings benefits, they’re also two to three times more likely to make emergency withdrawals, falling victim to penalties and opportunity loss. Sunny Day Fund’s platform enables members of these communities to save sustainably and plan for their financial futures with support from employers.

What They Do

Provide a banking- and payroll-integrated platform that lets employers reward worker savings

Fintech Focus


Team Members

Sid Pailla
Sid Pailla




Falls Church, VA



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