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Entering the Golden Era of Fintech

Thursday, March 5, 2015

In many important circles 2014 is being referred to as the year of fintech and the momentum has carried into 2015. We all know about the likes of LendingClub’s IPO in December, the growth of ApplePay, and the ever-increasing pace of fintech M&A activity. As these huge developments capture headlines, perhaps a better indication of the future of fintech is the blossoming network of high quality fintech specific events, conferences, and meetup groups aimed at early-stage startups and entrepreneurs. These are the birthplaces for real innovation, fostering the grassroots ecosystem that will allow fintech to thrive.

The Financial Solutions Lab team has spent much of the last year entrenching itself in this community–attending, sponsoring, speaking at nearly 20 events across the country, and meeting hundreds of entrepreneurs–and we plan to play a big part in how the fintech ecosystem evolves in the future.

Over the next few months as the Financial Solutions Lab continues to build its community, we will be criss-crossing the country sponsoring and attending events. Mark your calendars and come network with our team at the following events:

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