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Financial Solutions Lab at Money20/20

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

As with all things Vegas, our experience with Money20/20 was fun, eventful, and a little overwhelming.

For those who aren’t familiar, the conference is a gathering of 10,000+ financial services professionals from all types of organizations: banks, technology providers, startups, investors, and even some nonprofits. Going into the conference, we knew this would be a big opportunity to talk about the Financial Solutions Lab and the great work each company is doing.

The conference ran for four days–Sunday, October 25 to Wednesday, October 28–which feels like ages in Vegas time! Meetings and conference sessions filled our days. Dinners, happy hours, and parties filled the evenings (and early mornings).

On Sunday afternoon, the Financial Health Network’s CEO Jennifer Tescher made the case that financial health, rather than just inclusion, ought to serve as the new global framework for achieving positive consumer outcomes in financial services, capping the conference track titled “Disruptive Financial Inclusion.”

That evening, we hosted a dinner for friends of the Financial Health Network and Financial Solutions Lab. The Financial Health Network’s unique ability to bring together a diverse group of industry leaders from across the spectrum of financial services led to great conversations and networking for all.

A few short hours later, the conference resumed Monday with a session in which Financial Solutions Lab founders talked about each of their innovative products. The large ballroom was nearly full, which was terrific considering the 8:00 AM start time. It was a great opportunity for prospective partners, investors, and future Financial Solutions Lab applicants to engage with the Financial Health Network and Financial Solutions Lab companies. Three current Financial Solutions Lab company founders even ended up making it on a list of 25 People You Need to Meet at Money20/20.

On a fun note, Money20/20 developed and posted the following caricatures for all speakers, including our group. Many have said that startup founders have big heads. This takes that saying to a new level.

The conference organizers also sent speakers toasters that will toast bread with these caricatures. (So yes, it seems that selfie-toasters are a thing.) The Prism team had some fun with their CEO about this.

To learn more about Financial Solutions Lab and how you can apply to become a member of next year’s class, shoot us a note:

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