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Financial Solutions Lab’s Special Invitation

Friday, February 12, 2016

The Financial Solutions Lab announces the Year Two Challenge topic for its $3M competition for fintech innovators: Helping Americans Weather Financial Shocks.

In the past year, 60% of Americans experienced a financial shock, and only 6 in 10 households had enough liquid savings to cover a $2,000 unexpected expense, according to Financial Solutions Lab’s new topic brief on the challenge.

How Can We Help?
We invite fintech entrepreneurs, startups, and nonprofits to apply to Financial Solutions Lab with their innovative solutions to help consumers weather financial shocks. Financial Solutions Lab winners receive $250,000 in capital, access to incredible partners, resources, and more.

What Next?
Learn more about the challenge, download the topic brief, read the stories of last year’s winners … and apply! Get it all right here

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