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Hard Data for Fintech Innovators

Thursday, January 28, 2016

It’s fundamental for innovators: Know your audience.

But where do you get the data to know them if you’re not able to research them or hold focus groups yourself? Check out the latest research from the Financial Health Network to get the hard data to inform your fintech innovations.

Not All Financially Underserved Consumers Are the Same
The Financial Health Network’s analysis sheds light on four struggling consumer segments (Striving, Tenuous, Unengaged, and At Risk) and reveals how to create better financial products for them. Read about their financial needs and behaviors.
View the segments and download the briefs

So Much in One Study 
The study 2014 Underserved Market Size: Financial Health Opportunity in Dollars and Cents reveals a complete picture of the financially underserved market.
Get the insights

Because the study is too rich for one paper, the Financial Health Network developed accompanying material to share the wealth of findings.

For the visual – an infographic illustrating key takeaways
For the audio – a video discussing highlights

Personal Stories
Read the personal stories in the section Household Profiles. The stories illustrate recurring themes every innovator who is working to improve consumer financial health should know. Click here and scroll to the bottom

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