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Stories of Justice-Involved Individuals and Their Families

Stories of Justice-Involved Individuals and Their Families

The Financial Health Network partnered with the University of Southern California’s (USC) Dornsife Center for Economic and Social Research to interview 36 individuals about their multifaceted experiences with the criminal justice system, highlighting multiple areas ripe for innovation.


This research examines the experiences of justice-involved individuals and their families as they manage the multiple costs of pretrial, incarceration, and re-entry, as well as the challenges of securing income, finding employment, and accessing financial services upon release. Through this work, the Financial Health Network hopes to  inform policies that make bail, court fines, and related fees more affordable and reduce barriers to re-entry for justice-involved individuals.

The Role of Innovation

While policy solutions are critical to reform our criminal justice system, the nonprofit and fintech sectors also play an important role in serving those impacted by the system. We’ve seen the innovation already occurring across the country, and the Financial Solutions Lab is committed to supporting and uplifting that work. 

Through the Financial Solutions Lab Exchange and Financial Solutions Lab Collaborative, our goal has been to design grant programs that help pilot and test potential tools, products, and interventions to support justice-involved individuals and their communities. 

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