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Tech Does Not Need More Female Investors (Or, Why I Joined XFactor)

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Editor’s Note: A version of this story first appeared in Medium. 

Tech does not need more female investors.

Too often after every crisis, we hear a rally cry: “This is why we need more female investors.”

But that alone is not the answer. In reality, female investors–just like their male counterparts–have interest areas, stage preferences, and check sizes that they want to deploy. They rightfully want to make the Midas list and gender may or may not factor into their approach.

When women are consistently referred to other women just because they match chromosomes, it’s an exhausting cycle. Female entrepreneurs get frustrated with their limited access to capital and female investors are taxed with the need to connect with female founders–independent of whether it aligns with their investment thesis.

But here’s the truth: There are AMAZING female entrepreneurs with billion-dollar opportunities out there, and they are not getting funded. It sucks, it’s stupid, and it’s leaving incredible returns on the table.

Tech does not need more female investors. It needs more investors who have the insight, thesis, capability, and guts to make the earliest and biggest bets on the next generation of billion-dollar businesses that just so happen to be run by female entrepreneurs.

I believe that other venture-backed female entrepreneurs are the best scouts to find these bold entrepreneurs, which is why I joined XFactor Ventures as an Investment Partner.

We’ve walked the walk, understand the journey, and can help you get shit done. So if you’re looking to build the next billion-dollar company, please reach out to me at It’s time to get it, ALL of it.


About the Author

Nicole Sanchez is an investment partner at XFactor Ventures, and is also the founder of CreditHero, a company selected for the 2016 class of the Financial Solutions Lab.

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