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10 Apr 2019

Fintech Founder Q&A: Resolve

Alex Mooradian and his co-founder Michael Bovee teamed up to figure out how to help people in debt better handle unexpected financial crises such as a...

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13 Mar 2019

Fintech Founder Q&A: Petal

Too many Americans slip through the cracks of the banking system because they have poor or non-existent credit. For the founding team of Petal–J...

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19 Feb 2019

Fintech Founder Q&A: Alice

As fellows at the Robin Hood Foundation, Paul Barnes-Hoggett and Avi Karnani spent a lot of time thinking about how to help people increase their inco...

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12 Feb 2019

Making an App to Make a Difference

Technology engineers have long served big profitable businesses well, while apps focusing on what more altruistic organizations need remained sparse. ...

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23 Jan 2019

Fintech Founder Q&A: Sixup

What is the origin story of your company? I grew up a high-achieving, low-income student and was the first in my family to go to college. Like myself,...

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19 Dec 2018

Fintech Founder Q&A:

With 70% of recent graduates going into the workforce saddled with student debt, Laurel Taylor saw a massive opportunity to rethink the way debt repay...

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