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09 Sep 2019

Fintech Founder Q&A: Onward

Ronnie Washington founded Onward to enable workers of all income levels to build financial security. Onward is a non-profit employer-based mobile savi...

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12 Aug 2019

Fintech Founder Q&A: Manifest

Anuraag Tripathi and Meenakshi Lakshmanan founded Manifest to create a seamless retirement transfer solution. Currently, most 401(k) transfers are don...

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29 Jul 2019

Fintech Founder Q&A: MedPut

MedPut is an employee benefit program that provides 0% financing and bill negotiation services for out-of-pocket medical bills, with no impact to an e...

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30 May 2019

Fintech Founder Q&A: Honeybee

Ennie Lim, along with co-founders Benny Yiu and Max Zschoch, founded HoneyBee to help employees, regardless of credit history, access an extra week’...

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29 May 2019

Fintech Founder Q&A: Brightside

Callum King, along with Jacky Chiu, Shawn Leavitt, and Tom Spann founded Brightside, a personalized financial health platform providing employees with...

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