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Everlance is an app that allows freelancers to automatically track their business miles and expenses. Everlance leverages this data to help freelancers make better financial decisions.


Everlance allows freelancers to track their business miles and expenses automatically in IRS-compliant logs. 


Tracking expenses for tax purposes is a major pain point faced by more than 50 million adults in the U.S. who count themselves among the country’s growing population of independent workers.


Everlance is an app that uses your phone’s existing features – GPS for tracking miles, the camera for photographing receipts, and the built-in barometer to differentiate between miles clocked walking versus driving – to automate expense tracking.

  • Mileage tracking uses a “set it and forget it” model that records trips and allows users to classify them as business expenses.
  • Automatic banking and credit card integration help users track and mark other expenses that can go toward deductible income.
  • The platform keeps accurate IRS-compliant expense and mileage logs for taxes.


The gig economy is growing rapidly, but it does not replace the financial security of traditional employment. Everlance believes that automating expense tracking can help.

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Team Members

Gabriel Garza
Gabriel Garza
CTO and Co-Founder
Alex Marlantes
Alex Marlantes
CEO & Co-Founder




San Francisco, CA



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