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Point’s technology platform makes it easy for homeowners to make smart financial decisions about unlocking the wealth trapped in their homes, without taking on new debt.


Point is a home equity platform that gives homeowners cash today for a share of their home’s future appreciation.


52 million homeowners have significant home equity wealth, but for many, debt products like home equity loans and home equity lines of credit aren’t an option.


Point provides homeowners with something better than a loan. Instead of lending money, they buy into the property as a partner for a share of the home’s future appreciation. Advantages include:

  • There are no monthly payments.
  • It may be easier to qualify for a Point investment than other equity products.
  • If a home depreciates, users may pay less than they received.
  • A Point investment does not add to a user’s debt load or appear on a credit report.


Point customers tend to be between 35 to 55 years old and to have owned their home for at least five years, enabling them to have accumulated enough equity to sell. While the product is not for everyone, Point is especially useful to homeowners who are looking to cover the cost of a specific crucial life event or expense. For example, an investment might go toward the cost of expensive fertility treatments or other major healthcare bills. It also might go toward paying off credit card debt in order to bump up a credit score as much as 100 points in three to four months.

What They Do

Point is a home equity platform that is changing the way homeowners buy and finance their biggest asset, giving homeowners cash today for a share of their home’s future appreciation.

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Team Members

Eddie Lim
Eddie Lim
Founder & CEO




Palo Alto, CA



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