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Stackwell delivers automated financial tools and education through a digital investment platform to help people in the Black community stack and build wealth.


Stackwell is a digital investment platform with the explicit mission of attacking the racial wealth gap through targeting Black underinvestment in the markets. 


For generations, Black Americans have been denied full participation in the banking and financial markets, prevented from realizing their fair share of the American dream. This has resulted in a massive trust gap between them and financial institutions and market-makers in the United States.   


Stackwell’s first core offering is a robo-advisor product that provides automated investment portfolios based on user goals and risk profiles. The product also features in-app content and leverages behavioral psychology geared toward empowering users’ understanding of investment fundamentals and guiding them to stronger financial health.

Financial Health Focus

There is a better way to help more people in the Black community grow and amass their wealth – a way predicated on individuals having greater agency and control to direct their own outcomes. Stackwell aims to leverage the stock market’s ability to create growing, long-term wealth as a key tool to close the racial wealth gap in America.

What They Do

Deliver automated financial tools and education through a mobile application to help people in the Black community accumulate wealth

Fintech Focus

Wealth Management

Team Members

Trevor Rozier-Byrd
Trevor Rozier-Byrd
Founder and CEO




Boston , MA



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