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Upsolve is a nonprofit that empowers low-income and working-class families navigating financial distress to file for bankruptcy using a free online web app, without needing a lawyer or legal fees.


Upsolve is a nonprofit that believes that every low-income and working-class family in America deserves tools, and a supportive community to overcome financial distress, access their rights, and improve their financial situation. Upsolve specifically helps LMI populations file for bankruptcy for free using an online web app.


The number of Americans who need access to education and tools to overcome financial distress is expected to increase due to the COVID-19 financial crisis, in which many people lost their jobs. Sometimes, individuals facing financial distress need access to Chapter 7 bankruptcy or alternatives to bankruptcy like nonprofit credit counseling. But they fail to access these options due to a lack of education or expensive legal fees.


Upsolve provides free education, technology, and community to low-income and working-class families facing financial distress. Upsolve’s first product, an app that empowers families who cannot afford legal fees to file bankruptcy on their own for free, is the largest form of free bankruptcy assistance in the United States. Upsolve also has thousands of expert-written educational articles on topics ranging from wage garnishment to student loans to foreclosures and repossessions.


To date, Upsolve has relieved over $300 million in debt for families suffering from medical bills and job loss with free access to education, community members, and its bankruptcy app.

What They Do

Provide free education, technology products, and online community to help families overcome financial distress and improve their personal finances, starting with a web app to access bankruptcy for free

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Personal Finance

Team Members

Rohan Pavuluri
Rohan Pavuluri
Mark Hansen
Mark Hansen
Chief Product, Technology Officer




Brooklyn, NY



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