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About the Financial Solutions Lab Collaborative

About the Financial Solutions Lab Collaborative

The Collaborative engages multiple stakeholders to explore potential solutions for unmet financial health needs for low- to moderate-income individuals and underserved communities.


Results from our 2020 Program

For its inaugural project, the Collaborative seeded a data-driven pilot program to address challenges faced by unemployed individuals who also carry student loan debt, building on our support for worker and student health throughout the year. Results, learnings, and more on the 2020 program are now available on our blog.

Driving Innovation For Complex Challenges

The Collaborative targets challenges where there are few or no existing financial health solutions and where multiple stakeholders may be required to solve issues. 

Potential areas to explore include: Research and identification of unmet financial health challenges, engagement with stakeholders in the ideation and prototyping of potential solutions to the challenge, identification of anchor organizations to serve as testing grounds for pilot and prototype solutions, exploration of seed-round funding for working prototypes, or sharing of learnings with relevant stakeholders to spark further innovation (upon completion).

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