About the Financial Solutions Lab Collaborative

About the Financial Solutions Lab Collaborative

The Collaborative explores the role of financial health policy innovation to complement private and nonprofit solutions, and to drive change at scale.

The program engages communities to deliver in-depth insights on unmet financial health needs for Black and Latinx low- to moderate-income individuals, and funds projects to encourage policy and regulatory audiences to take action to address these needs.


Results from our 2020 Program

For its inaugural project, the Collaborative seeded a data-driven pilot program to address challenges faced by unemployed individuals who also carry student loan debt, building on our support for worker and student health throughout the year. Results, learnings, and more on the 2020 program are now available on our blog.

Driving Policy Innovation for Complex Challenges

The Collaborative targets challenges that require policy innovation to address structural barriers and reach impacted individuals at scale, engaging multiple stakeholders to better understand and solve these challenges.  

Potential areas to explore include: 

  • Development of a user journey to better understand the financial health challenges faced by Black and Latinx individuals.
  • Identification of areas where policy can address these challenges or remove barriers.
  • Funding of pilot projects to help scale promising policy innovation or plan new policies.
  • Sharing of learnings with relevant stakeholders to spark further innovation (upon completion).

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