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Workplace Financial Health Innovation: Rolling Out Credit- and Debt-Related Benefits

Workplace Financial Health Innovation: Rolling Out Credit- and Debt-Related Benefits

Employers can help their employees manage debt, build long-term wealth, and improve their financial health via innovative workplace benefits. Explore the advantages of deploying debt- and credit-related benefits, and the fiscal, legal, and regulatory considerations to know.

Improving Employee Financial Health Through Innovative Benefits

Many employees today struggle with debt and are increasingly looking to employers to offer benefit-based solutions. Credit- and debt-related benefits programs are some of the least frequently offered benefits, but can make a big impact in helping employees reduce or consolidate debt, improve short-term liquidity, and build long-term wealth. 

In a new report, the Financial Health Network and Financial Solutions Lab highlight the financial health benefits – both to the employee and the employer – of offering benefits to address workforce financial needs. Explore the debt and credit challenges employees face today and the solutions available to employers, including considerations to keep in mind when designing credit- and debt-related benefits. 

For more ways to improve employee financial health, explore the Financial Health Network’s Employer FinHealth Toolkit or get in touch with the Workplace team.

For more on how fintech can improve financial health through the employer channel, read our report, Fintech as a Solution for Employee Financial Health.

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